Reconstruction Era New Orleans

Reconstruction is the time in history that immediately followed the Civil War.  During this time, many changes were felt in the New Orleans community, especially concerning race, immigration, and culture.  New Orleans became a haven for many immigrants after the Civil War as well as freed slaves.  New Orleans was already home to many Creole and freed people of color before the Civil War.

Watch the video below.  What connection is drawn between the abolition of slavery and jazz music?  Describe the case of Plessy vs. Ferguson.

Now look at the chart about life during Reconstruction.  What happens during the era of Reconstruction according to the chart?  What types of jobs were most available to minorities and immigrants during this time?

This article explains the origins of the Creole people (skip the part about the Creole food if you like). What do you find interesting about Creole history?  How did the Creole people see themselves in relation to other groups in New Orleans during this time?

Look at the following pictures of New Orleans.  What does life between 1865 and 1900 seem like to you?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another interesting area of the city that may come up in the readings is Storyville.  What was Storyville known for, and why was it set up in the area in which it was?  Why did Storyville eventually cease to exist?

“Le Tombeau Blanc” – John Dimitry

The story Dimitry is telling is an odd one.  However, did you know that Louisiana was the last state in the Union to have a leprosarium (leper hospital)?  It is in Carville.  Although the hospital no longer functions in this way, you can still visit the sprawling grounds and visit the museum on the grounds.

Check out this video for a sneak peek of the grounds.

And check out this site for a brief history of the leprosarium and some nice pictures.


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