New Orleans” 1900-1930 (Jazz Age and French Quarter Renaissance)

New Orleans has been shaped by many world events, and because it is a port city, it has played a role in conflicts affecting the United States.  Read this short article on New Orleans during the First World War.  What are the THREE most important ideas that you gathered from the source?

Below is some footage of New Orleans in the 1920s.  How are these images different from the images we saw in the Reconstruction Era?  How has New Orleans seemed to have changed since that time?

Below is a silent film taken in 1923.  Watch the film.  What is the most fascinating or interesting part of the film?  What part seemed the least like modern New Orleans?

One of the old establishments in New Orleans that was organized as part of the French Quarter Renaissance is Le Petit de Vieux Carre Check out some vintage photos here of the theater and some of their most famous performances dating back from 1916.  Why might an organization such as this have survived for so long?

Listen to TWO of the following recordings of jazz recordings from the time.  Which ones did you listen to? What seem to be the musical elements that make up jazz recordings?  Why might this type of music have been so popular in the 1920s?

Example #1 (“Ory’s Creole Trombone” – Kid Ory)

Example #2 (“Dixieland” – Buddy Bolden)

Example #3 (“Heebie Jeebies” – Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five)

Example #4 (“Frankie and Johnny” – Fate Marable)

Watch the video of ONE of the following dances associated with Jazz: The Black Bottom, The Shimmy, The Charleston.

Why might this dance have been considered scandalous during this time?


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